Tips for a Safe Day at the Carnival:

  • KEEP hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride vehicle at all times
  • STAY seated at all times
  • USE safety equipment such as a seat belt, lapbar, or shoulder harness when provided
  • READ posted rules
  • OBSERVE height, weight, and age requirements
  • WALK do not run on the midway and ride platforms
  • FOLLOW instructions of the ride operator
  • USE common sense

Campy's Safety & Maintenance

Campy's Amusements' top priority is the safety of its guests. From patrons riding rides to children riding the rides, we take great pride in the safety of our customers. Each week, all of our amusement rides and electrical components are thoroughly inspected by state inspectors as well as our own NAARSO certified mechanic. Prior to daily opening, we also conduct safety checks using ride-specific check lists to ensure everything is functioning properly and all safety devices are in-tact.

During the off season, we spend the months of October through April refurbishing equipment for the upcoming season. In winter quarters, rides are stripped down to their trailer chassis, repainted, rewired, and given a 100% mechanical and cosmetic makeover in accordance to the manufacturers original specifications. Typically, a complete refurbishment of each piece of equipment occurs every five years, while rides are often given a mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic makeover each off season.

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